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At Petkwitz & Ketner, Inc., the careful management of your tax information and finances is our top priority. We pride ourselves on giving you personalized and thorough service that meets your individual or business needs.

We provide a full range of tax and accounting services for our clients and offer consulting services for special needs.

There is little in our lives that is more important than our financial affairs.  You can be guaranteed that we will uphold our professional responsibility to only discuss your financial matters with you and anyone you desigate would be appropriate.  We will not discuss your financial affairs with friends, family, spouses, clients, etc.  To do so would be a significant breech of trust.  You can have confidence that your financial affairs will be kept confidential.

Tax Services

At Petkwitz & Ketner, Inc., we provide tax services for individuals, estates, and a wide range of businesses including LLC's, S-Corporations, and tax-exempt organizations.

Looking for a little information right now? View the latest Tax and Financial News article in our Newsletter.

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Accounting Services

We provide compilation and review accounting services. We offer these services on both an ongoing and a special needs basis. Please call us for details on how we can fulfill your accounting needs.

We also provide personal bookkeeping services for individuals who cannot, or do not want to, track their own financial activity.  This includes bill payment, bank reconciliation, insurance and/or Medicare reconciliation,and close contact with the individual and/or their family.  Using the trusted services of a CPA to do this work offers a sense of relief and confidence.

Visit our set of Financial Calculators for quick answers on topics such as your IRA, investments, your child's college tuition, and your mortgage or credit card calculations.

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Consulting Services

As much as you would like, not everything fits neatly into your plans. So we provide a full range of consulting services to address those "out of the box" needs.

Check out our Newsletter for the latest article on Financial Planning.

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